Jason Coffee's Warhawks #1

Jason Coffee’s last wish was for his creative voice to be heard. He was a sci-fi writer working his way up in the trenches of Hollywood when he passed away at the young age of 33. Now, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, his friends have launched Jason Coffee’s Warhawks, a cyborg superhero series based on one of the epic screenplays Jason left behind.

In the debut issue, the Warhawks' soulful leader Jefferson Caesar (AKA Weapon) welcomes a newly-created cyborg to their ranks. Timothy Pendragon has abandoned his disease-ravaged body in favor of a dangerous transplant into a giant Mobile Assault Unit. It's a transformation that causes strange side-effects in his consciousness that he struggles to keep under wraps. As the Warhawks' battle with the evil Maelstrom begins, our heroes discover that a former ally is leading the enemy field missions. Can the Warhawks code against lethal force survive first contact with the ultimate enemy?