Being an artist has been something Jake has always wanted to be, ever since he drew 3 headed dragons in third grade. Superheroes and technology were subjects that always fascinated and influenced him, from giant robots to spooky detectives. Being self taught he came into inking as a side effect of penciling and found that inking suited him better. He moved from fanart to inking finding there was a big demand for a good inker in the realms of comic creating. He works primarily with brushes and some quills finding that the feeling of brush or pen on paper is music to the ears. He has been called 'old school' by his peers, a title he holds with pride. Traditional inking is something of a lost skill he feels and something to be preserved in a world of digital art. After a random decision to visit Wizard World Ohio in September 2012 he met the Brimstone crew and was asked to become a part of Hound Comics as an inker, fulfilling a dream to become a professional inker.