Born on 8th August, 1975. He has finished a secondary school of mechanical engineering in Trstenik ( Serbia ) where he still lives. From an early age, he developed a fervent interest in comics that lasts to the present day, as he has made comics his profession. He has done the majority of his comic books on his own or as a part of the inker/penciller team with Aleksandar Jakovljevic-Alex. His comic books have been published in the Macedonian comic magazine "Kreator", the Serbian comic magazine "Eon" and most recently in the comic journal "Azdaha".
The topics that he has explored in his comics are related to the genres of Science Fiction and Horror. He is currently working on the comic book series TerrorKlowns with Jarrod L. Dodson, script writer.
Ivica has participated at the comic book exhibitions in Croatia, Macedonia, and Serbia. Currently an artist for E-Comix.