Inner Beings

The Inner Beings are a chosen team of highly trained military men and women from opposing sides, that came together to fight a common alien threat. They were enhanced with powers and abilities in order to even out the odds. Once the war was over, the opposing sides separated, which became the centurions (Still known as Inner Beings) and the Warlords. The warlords believed that Sandria should be ruled by god like beings as themselves, and this began a devastating war, causing the Inner Beings to split up and protect different segments of Sandria. The leader of the Warlords Lord Sakan was imprisoned for crimes against his own people, but his Warlords continued to press on. The one who gave them their gifts tried to fix the issue he felt he had created and instead accidentally created a bridge between Sandria and Earth which is very slowly merging both planets, causing inexplicable earthquakes, terrible weather patterns and monster like creatures appearing on earth. While this happens, the Warlords search for their Lord Sakan; and therefore the Inner Beings must reunite so that together they can figure out how to stop the merging of the planets in order to avoid their destruction, protect the people of earth from monster like creatures and prevent the Warlords from finding their Lord and the Lord's Mercury Skull which enhances his powers and hopefully save two worlds.