INFINITY is... The reality, and the dream. The recent death of his mother forced an unforgiving weight on his shoulders. Sy Jones had only just begun to cope with the disease stealing away his mentor every day. Cancer. It crippled his family, affecting them all and when she was gone everything in life came to a still. It was then that Sy's heart felt dried and his growing depression came to a head, and In a deciding moment he chose death but awoke in a new place. His comic book- his diary had come to life around him and it was here that he would learn to live without her. Sy hadn't a clue about the dangers of bottling up his depression and before long he met it first-hand. Depression itself- a split personality growing inside of him. The threat of this alter-ego taking him over would become the pathway to a new life, after death. Straddling the line between this dreamlike existence and reality, Sy journeys to face down his depression in a fight to control own his sanity and future. What does it all mean- the struggle of self-improvement, the battle of light & dark within his mind? The INFINITY, inside.