Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: Ghosts of the Past

Collects Incredible Hulk (1968) #397-406, Incredible Hulk Annual #18-19 and material from Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual #2, Silver Surfer Annual #5, Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Annual #2 and Marvel Holiday Special #2.

As one Leader falls, another rises! An epic clash between the Hulk, the Leader and the U-Foes is going to end very badly for the Gamma-brained villain. Rick Jones' girlfriend, Marlo, won't fare any better: She dies! But thankfully, that's not the end of her story. As for the Hulk, he's about to get an offer he can't refuse - one that puts him in charge of the Pantheon! He'll have his hands full with the Juggernaut, the Avengers and Doc Samson. But when Dumb Magician, Fish Man and Shiny-Face show up, it can only mean one thing: the return of the Defenders!
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