In this Dark Fantasy/Western Saga, two separated DIMENSIONS vie for absolute domination of the Human Race. In one, the Upper World, the Lakota Indians and their allies fight for survival against irreducible oppressors during post-Civil War America: Blue Coats, Road-Agents and...horrendous and dreadful Creatures from Native American Mythology! The other is a dangerous and dreadful reign known as Xibalba, the "place where the sun refuses to shine", ruled by an evil High-Priest ( HURACAN ) and other dark forces. An Indian Trickster Spirit ( IKTOMI ) is the link between the Two Dimensions. As a memorable clash is about to erupt, the fate of all Humanity now lies in the hands of a white-man-turned-Lakota-Shaman ( JACK FREEMAN/TWO MOON ), a Lakota Holy Man ( MEDICINE EAGLE ) and their..."doubles" in Xibalba!

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