I Think He's Crazy!

Torn from the pages of National Lampoon magazine: Fantagraphics brings you the complete collection of The Appletons, Timberland Tales, and other hilarious comics creations. For fourteen years, cartoonist B.K. Taylor regaled and baffled the readers with the good-natured goofiness of his odd suburban family, The Appletons, and his innocent cast of Canadians who encountered the outside world and the trials of everyday life in Timberland Tales. Talyor's art is richly, realistically, and subversively detailed. At first, you might think it's being played it straight, but take a closer look … With a foreword by comedian and star Tim Allen (Last Man Standing) and an afterword by horror writer R.L. Stine (Goosebumps; Fear Street).

Collected Editions