Hymn of the Sorcerers

The region of Lakham, nestled in the Himalayas, is filled with magic and mysteries. When the foundation of Lakhami magic, The Brahma’s Eye, is stolen, chaos begins to loom over this peaceful valley. Lakham, as is known, stands as a barrier between the human world and the dark realm of demons. The demons strive to destroy everything that is beautiful and noble. Trapped in darkness for an eternity, their hunger, malice and savagery will be unleashed, if they cross over. Without the Brahma’s Eye to reinforce Lakham’s magic, the barrier will shatter under the crude stampedes of the demons. Only Senpa Dorji, using his rogue magical artifices, can reclaim the Eye and restore order. Will Senpa’s quest succeed? Will demons leave their dark realm? With Hymn Of The Sorcerers, delve into an enchanted world and discover the fate of Lakham.