Imagine that all of the conspiracy theories floating around on the Internet are true; Ancient technological civilizations built the pyramids, space travel existed eons ago, the fabric of reality allows for magic through quantum cognition and the quantum observer effect, secret societies in league with ancient civilizations (and others) control the world from the shadows and reality itself isn't even what it appears to be. What you imagine wouldn't be so far from the Holoradix universe, where our stories take place. It is known to us that there are two sources of power in the universe. There is creative force and there is destructive force. Through the application of the creative, life generates life, renews and heals, and shines the light of truth upon the formless confusion of darkness. Through the application of the destructive, life consumes life, grows strong and prosperous from the bondage and manipulation of light and leaves only the chaos and uncertainty of darkness. The dance between these two powers forms the fabric of reality, from the quantum particle that obeys no laws until observed to the cells in you body, chich both consume and generate other life. This is the Yin and the Yang, the female and the male, the eternal struggle and the great experiment. These polarized forces are occasionally manifest in great artifacts of power. In our mythology, for instance, there exist pure forms of the creative and the destructive in a microcosm of celestial stars and black holes; The orbs of power. One orb generates while the other consumes. Our stories tell of these orbs reappearing throughout the ages, transforming all within their wake.