High Crimes

People die every year on Mount Everest. This year is going to be murder.
Living in the bleak majesty of Kathmandu, Zan Jensen is an American
expatriate on the run from a scandalous past. Working for a fly-by-night
adventure consulting service, Zan escorts tourists and thrill-seekers up
the Himalayas' tallest and deadliest peaks. Along with Haskell Price,
fellow climbing guide and mentor, the two partner up in a more sinister
line of work: high-altitude grave robbing. Stripping the bodies they find
left at deadly altitudes of personal effects and right hands, Zan and
Haskell shake down the families and friends of the dead for a hefty body
return fee. When Price stumbles across the decades-old corpse of Sullivan
Mars below the peak of Mount Everest, it puts the partners in the
crosshairs of a global mystery that someone is all too willing to kill to
keep secret.