Hiddenfolk - A story of bullies and trolls

Everyone's so worried about zombies that they forgot about trolls. Lester is getting bullied. Three kids from his high school jumped to their deaths from a suspension bridge in the last year. And now those tweets and comments and taunts have put him on that bridge, and he makes the biggest mistake. He lets go. Thing is, Lester survives. But it's not luck-he's saved by someone, or something. And now a bad-tempered doom-metal girl called Sludge shows up. She looks like she has answers-about that weird homeless guy who can outrun a gazelle, about that stash of ancient Nordic weapons, and about who and what hides in the forest and on the Internet... That's a lot for Lester to deal with, and since he's not dead and stuff, he still has to go to chemistry first period.

Collected Editions