Mary Posa hates her job. She works long hours for little pay, no insurance, and worst of all, no respect. Her co-workers are jerks and her boss doesn't appreciate her. He's also a supervillain. And her parents... well, they're the most famous superhero couple in Crepe City, along with her sister. Cursed with a conscience, Mary would give anything to be something other than a Henchgirl, but no matter what she does her plans always seem to go awry. "There's a lot of humor in Henchgirl which is its strong suit."-- Comic Bastards  " Henchgirl is not about delivering slam-bang super-hero action, but it is a perfect comic for people who are familiar with standard super-hero tropes and like seeing those turned around and examined from some new angles for comedic effect."-- Comic Spectrum  " Henchgirl is lovely and endearing but funny and clever and the same time." -Girls Like Comics  "It's a terribly fun read." --io9  "Gudsnuk is a bold storyteller." --Comic Bastards 

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