Helsing: Legacy Born

Born into a legacy she wanted no part of and pushed into a 130 year old battle recessed deep in the shadows of the night, Samantha Helsing is torn between two worlds, two allegiances, two families. The legacy of the Van Helsing family and their endless crusade against the night creatures comes to modern day with the most unlikely of all warriors. Mysteries unfold as a woman with no memory of her past life finds herself in a vendetta she doesn't understand and realizes she isn't sure which side she should be on in this tale that puts a new level on the Dracula-Van Helsing relationship and the secrets that go much deeper that Bram Stoker let on. Written by Gary Reed, known for his insightful intelligence on such titles as Baker Street, Saint Germaine, and Renfield. Art by John (X-Men) Lowe, Guy Davis, Craig Brasfield, and others.

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