Happy Doomsday, Vol. 1: Breach in Reality

The Earth moved away from the Sun and now there are eight days in а week. Nobody knows why, but everybody knows that another apocalypse should happen in one of these days, and that unexpected, strange monsters or cataclysms should come. The life becomes crazier each day. But who if not a strange boy (Oliver) who watches TV all the time, a badass girl (Sophie) who investigate mysterious kidnappings and a small girl (Amanda) that hides a big secret, could unravel the mystery of the inexplicable apocalypses and save the world? Get ready for the most unusual and picturesque ongoing comic adventure full of humor, violation of physical laws and common sense, fights, pilgrimages through the most marvelous places of the alternative Earth; Story that is full of fantastic creatures and paranormal phenomena, wisdom, supernatural powers and friendship that is capable to change the world. Watch 'Happy Doomsday' teaser on our Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/LrUZpjh-4Wg