In this land of ice and death...where often the only warmth to be found is in the salty splash of blood from your enemy...a lone warrior treks across the snow-covered wasteland. His entire body wrapped in bloodstained bandages, at first glance he looks like an escaped nightmare, a macabre creature animated by unnatural means. But this is no walking corpse. Oh, no - a heart beats strong and true within its skeletal cage, and the look at the piercing eyes of this man, and you know he is more alive than most in this forsaken land. Whatever - whoever - ignited the fire behind his bloodshot eyes will rue the day he crosses their path. For this warrior may not mount a pale steed...but he'll follows his enemies just the same. Gyakushu! is a glorious lullaby to fans of the blood-soaked samurai story. The Thief, the tragic lead character in this tale, is a bandaged shell of a man whose sole purpose for living is to kill his way to the ones that destroyed all he loved. As we follow him on his journey, layer after layer of story is peeled back, revealing snippets of the past, as well as clues for the future. His quest for revenge will test not only his physical limits, but his emotional ones as well, as each kill brings him closer to his foes, but further from his humanity. If revenge is a forest filled with trees - the Thief will not stop until they are all reduced to kindling!

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