In the year 2081, in response to a national epidemic of gun violence, the federal government passes the Gun Violence in America Act. The new law mandates that anyone wishing to possess or that is caught carrying a firearm of any kind is relocated to the National Firearm Zone, a massive walled city in the deserts of New Mexico. This area is now the only place in the country where firearms can be used. The rule is simple; Once you enter the NFZ, you, and future generations of your family can never leave. Locals have come to call the place Guntown. A new society has formed within the walls as factions of citizens attempt to survive in a world founded on violence and devoid of freedom. As a new generation is born, the volatility only intensifies. Jimmy Hardin and Wade Chapman are life long friends and first generation Guntown Citizens. When their home is threatened by the rise of a merciless demagogue hell bent on forging war with the outside world, Jimmy and Wade take it upon themselves to act. Their resistance against the Second Legion Army will test them in ways they never imagined. The adventure will reveal secrets of a dark past, bring their unshakeable friendship to its breaking point, and set the stage for Guntown's ultimate battle.

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