Groovy Gravy #16

This comic contains absolutely NO cute fairy tales
This issue of Groovy Gravy sees the latest instalment of the Monocle, a return of the Protectorate, some Mr J funnies and Smack Rabbit!!!

Edited, Logo Design and Publisher: Brad Daniels
Cover: Milenko Tunjic -
Rose & Granny - Cameron Davis
It's all about the shirt - Shaun Craike
The Protectorate (redux) - Brad Daniels & Brett Williams
Hot Day - Brad Daniels & Cameron Davis
Mr J. Funnies - Jason Conlan
Blondes vs Zombies - Milenko Tunjic
The Monocle - Brad Daniels
The Inescapable Smack Rabbit - Aaron Brammer & Miles Utz
Present - Brett Hansen
Deer Hunting at Bubble Gum Creek - Neale Blanden