Green Man

He has spread throughout the UK and Europe for over a millennium, becoming one of the most iconic characters of myth and legend. He often lives in the shadows but can still be found as far a field as the USA and Canada. Today's endangered eco-system has seen him bestowed more relevance than ever. There is even reasonable ground to call him the first comic book-style character in history, with illustrations dating from the 1230s. Yet despite all this, he has never been given his own comic book series - until now! Enter: THE GREEN MAN! In addition to the wonderful comic book story, this includes the historical article, GREEN MAN: UNEARTHING THE FACTS. Author Chris Bunting examines the meaning and history of this prolific and popular character, often shrouded in assumption, misinterpretation and mystery, and reaches some startling conclusions. At almost 70 pages, Green Man #1 is an exclusive 'green' paperless, digital comic book from ECO COMICS!