Gods of Kennar

In a distant world called Shandar, an ancient race of Gods have created humans to serve and sustain them. The Gods Alasheers lived in a moon that have breathable air and vegetation, a small planet that rotate around the bigger one. Every 150 years they need to rest for 30 years to mantain their immortality. Once sleeping, their spirit go down in the planet, entering into human bodies, in people that have their same genetic markers. It's more a sort of possession than a true reincarnation, because people are already grown-up when Gods' spirits enter into them, changing their personality. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Used to be powerful and immortal, the Gods in human form will be prey of a wide range of emotions and feelings, especially the most dangerous one: Love. In the struggle of defend the humankind, some "awakened" will have to fight hard against their old companions, all former Gods. The quest for the ultimate power will decide who will survive in the war of the Gods of Kennar.