Go Robo Now, Vol. 1: Battle of Gods

In the world of Go Robo Now, Gods are actually humans contaminated by an interdimensional parasitic race known as the "Now". The Now grant the humans they infect with robotic forms, god-like powers and ego's to match. However, as payment for this power, the Now devour the persons existence which remakes their universe as if they never existed. The Now have been afflicting these abilities for millennia and the infected humans, who call themselves Gods, have been waging a secret war for supremacy, known as the Battle of Gods, for just as long. Well, it was secret war until, Roy C. Raven, a cowardly man struggling to live with a forgotten past, became infected, awakened his Now powers, and rumbled with a God in the middle of the City of Nu Yawrk. By means of induction through combat, Roy is compelled to participate in the Battle of Gods; in doing so he hopes to understand his new strange condition, regain his memories, and find a place that he can call home.