Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid is set in Cuba in 1954. This is the historical apex of the mafia, sexual one-upmanship, conspiring rebels, corrupt CIA schemes, and brokered espionage. Navigating this time and place is Hap Lyons, ordinary father of a 17-year-old daughter, Lily. Hap must contend with being captured and tortured by rebels, forced into their service as a spy, being seduced-- well, bribed, by the CIA to be an agent for them, and forced to orchestrate an orgy for a certain high-profile Massachusetts senator. Our story has heroes and villains. Survival often requires a single character to be both. Like the deceptive orchid, the perpetuation of their species depends on their ability to misrepresent themselves to insects. By 1954, Cuba's citizens have either aligned with the corrupt general Fulgencia Batista or the charismatic revolutionary, Fidel Castro.

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