Geoff Mosher is the creator of the Mondo Chachi Comics a comics anthology that at present time mainly focuses on the adventures of a wiseass monkey named Chachi. In addition to doing comics for Mondo Chachi Comics, his comic work has been featured Super Inga #2, Mo' MF, and in the group art shows "Comix Gone Rogue", "Artists Assemble" and "TV Party". He is also a founder of the comic collective known as Jersey City Comics, a group that meets every Tuesday night to draw jam comics.

Outside of comics he has worked in animation, acted in films like "Die You Zombie Bastards!" and "The Toxic Avenger 4:Citizen Toxie", and at various times has held the high score on Ms. Pac-Man machines throughout the New York City area.

He currently lives in Jersey City with his wife Rebeca.