Genius J's Second Quasi-Decennial Almanack of Graphical Wonderment Vol. 2

Another Astonishingly Bountiful Bricolage of Carefully Curated Fables & Fictions, Guaranteed to Gratify a Yearning for Yarns.

In this issue:

"Winter's Apprentice": An exorcism goes wrong, and a little girl sets it right.
"Eye for an Eye": A sci-fi action story about the seedy underworld of black market bionics.
"Animus Gulch": Rose Heller goes to investigate a ghost town in the old west and discovers a horror, the likes of which she has never seen before.
"William the Soulless": Medieval knights vs. zombies!
"The Plague": A war between mankind and robots.
"It's in the Bag": Making comics is hard, as evident in this story about two creators having a disagreement.
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