Shauna Mitchell has been separated from her husband and son for over a year now. Drawn to drug abuse and endless partying, Shauna has become a mere shadow of her former self. Shauna now teeters on the edge of not only losing her life, but the previous life of her one and only son as well. Detective Robert Healy has become obsessed with finding out the secret behind the mysterious serial killer who covers his face in gauze. Finding out that little is known about the elusive murderer, Robert must search out and find the few that have encountered him and lived to tell their story. Nelson Shmeck is a low-level computer programmer for a popular video game company. A shy and timid young man, Nelson lacks all knowledge and wisdom when it comes to charming the opposite sex. Faced with this problem, Nelson must find a way to overcome the dilemma before the one girl he secretly loves is stolen away by another man. These three stories collide, and the lives of Shauna, Robert, and Nelson will never again be the same!

comiXology Unlimited

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