Gary Watson is a Houston-based filmmaker whose work includes documentaries, marketing projects, feature films, and commericals. In 2001, he wrote a screenplay about a terrifying future theocracy in Texas at war with the United States, fighting to create a separate nation. Over the next couple of years, Gary and his co-writers, screenwriter Richard Alvarez and archivist Sandra Yates, polished the story, which became a short film that Gary produced and directed called AFTER TWILIGHT. It is now the basis for a feature film screenplay and the six-part comic book series.

"The intention while writing AFTER TWILIGHT was to portray a disturbing, extremist society that would not necessarily be outside the realm of possibility. That was underscored by the fact that we could never completely stay ahead of the reality curve. Actions that we would imagine for our script would show up as actual events or issues in the newspapers weeks later -- and it continues to happen to this day. The result is an exciting story that adheres to our original vision and goals - to be thought-provoking and highly entertaining." -- Gary Watson