Funhouse of Horrors

You should not see this! If you do dare view this story, rumor has it that a few unfortunate souls gambled with fate and now they claim to be haunted by the living impaired. This is not a joke... Leave Now.... RUN! Young Jacob, while on a family picnic, stumbles upon an old abandoned house in the woods just a week before Halloween. The wretched dwelling is being prepared to be used as a one-night only Haunted House! A strange worker, known only as Ole Scratch, sees Jacob 'Jake' Stone and gives him a book with two tickets inside that change his life - or what's left of it after the ghosts are done with him! And the ghosts are NEVER done with Jake. As he grows, so does the terror. Deciding that the ghouls and goblins are never going to take a hint, and leave him to rest in peace, Jake Stone decides to become a ghost writer. It would seem that the living impaired have a lot to say. Yet legend has it, that all who read Stone's tales of woe, begin to see the dead everywhere they go! Enter if you dare... into the Funhouse of Horrors!

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