From Within

The island nation of Xidan. A paradise for a select few...while the rest live under their heels. Few know this better than Xu. Condemned from birth to Xidan's slave camps after his parents failed to overthrow the tyrannical Emperor Hao, Xu has lived out their sentence as the sole fixation of Hao's wrath. Xu was never supposed to survive into adulthood. No one was supposed to remember his name. Yet, twenty years later... Xu still lives. Despite everything that's been stacked against him, he continues to fight, holding out hope that one day he can let loose all his pent-up rage against his tormentor. That opportunity finally presents itself to Xu in the form of an elite martial arts tournament held for Emperor Hao's amusement. A tournament where the nation's best compete for the chance to fight the Emperor himself. And if they win-earn themselves a spot amongst the nation's elite and anything they desire is theirs for the taking. Writer Alex Breen, Artist Renzo Podesta and Colorist Bryan Valenza present a tale of one man's quest for vengeance and coming to terms with the cost that comes with devoting one's life to that end.

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