Freestyle Vol. 1

Back after much critical acclaim! It's the collected editions of Freestyle! The comic no-one thought would make it past the first issue! Created by Australian Mark Pursell who likes to think he can draw and write and stuff and occasionally can, Freestyle is a comic. It is funny and has words and pretty pictures!

Freestyle #1
Tales Of Rawr/Aww
In this issue Stupid Cat forgets an anniversary. Cactus smashes a car through a wall. Stupid Cat is sent to the doghouse. Cops arrest Stupid Cat and Cactus on suspicion of nothing. Nothing because it's all a clever ruse by the evil Chloe to destroy them all! Oh, and there is zombies in it too.

Freestyle #2
Tales Of Erk/ Oh!
More stuff happens in this issue! Chloe ramps up her plans to destroy Stupid and the gang by using her hoards of Fake Cops, Copters and bitchiness. Sox also gets a bad case of the fleas and potentially ruins everyone's plans.

Freestyle #3
Tales of Rawr 2/ United
In this issue the poop hits the fan royally! Will the good guys win? Will they not win? Do they get bored and go out for slushies?! Find out in the thrilling conclusion to this particular story!
Action/Adventure Anthropomorphic Comedy Drama
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September 10 2014

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