Freedom Love Forever

Lola, a bright but angsty misanthropic college student, is in a bid to search for her place in this world while dealing with her parent's divorce. She is joined by Rozulle, a gifted but self-obsessed pseudo-melancholic musician of visual pop culture who is out to seek inspiration for his music. Together with Chronos, an enigmatic grey-masked samurai, ready to embark on a rite of passage to attaining his right as a shogun of the nine heavens, and along with Okis, a simple and light-hearted young man wanting to take a break from his work and personal problems. The lives of these four strangers are soon cast together on a mysterious Road trip to which none of them have even the slightest clue yet of its destination, as they are joined by others from different worlds in journeying for the survival of their humanity. Together, they shall come to form a dysfunctional palette of characters disjointed by chapters past and future, side-tracked by the questions asked of their own chapters in the meanings of life, and to finally rise above or fall below their incoherent roles. Enter now into the bizarre and comedic mind-boggles of the strange yet charmingly dark struggles of these tragic characters as they journey forth into the existential truths of freedom and love, into the great forever.

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