Frank W. Gaskill is a licensed psychologist who specializes in Asperger's, effective parenting, and how technology and kids can interface successfully. He is a founding partner at Southeast Psych, a large psychology practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. Gaskill hosts a web TV show called 'The Dr. G Aspie Show', which deals with topics related to Asperger's. He is the co-author of Max Gamer (2011, Hero House Publishing), a graphic novel about Asperger's.

His work has been featured in USA Today, NPR, and newspapers around the country. In addition, Gaskill has published research on changes in ability and achievement scores over time, and the impact on children classified as learning disabled.

Dr. Gaskill gives presentations and conferences across the southeast covering topics such as Asperger's and "E-parenting." Drawing on his years of experience in private practice, Gaskill is currently focused on an initiative he developed with Dr. David Verhaagen called "A Dream Practice," which aims to equip professionals to build the practice of their dreams.

Gaskill received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Psychology and School Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to founding Southeast Psych, he worked at The Devereux Foundation in Devon, Pennsylvania, serving as their Primary Therapist and Senior Research Psychologist for the Institute for Clinical Training and Research (ICTR).