Forgotten City

Forgotten City is a coming-of-age tale set in a hidden city ravaged by apocalypse. It follows two boys - Wilshire and his younger brother, Dirt. As they struggle to survive in the Outcaste, they are driven into a web of tunnels beneath the domes of the forgotten city, where they discover a new and even more dangerous way of life ruled by a secret society. In time, however, territorial battles between rival gangs evolve into organized, gladiator-type games that instill order. The games are created by a mysterious man known as Prophet. Reluctantly, Wilshire is drawn into the hidden society, where Prophet grooms him as a leader. While the repressive government hides the truth behind a political stranglehold on the domes, Prophet's warriors rise up and wrest control from the corrupt regime. Wilshire, Dirt, and their squad of underground gladiators rebel against the powers that be, changing the course of history for the domes and for the world beyond the forgotten city.

Collected Editions