Flight of the Valkyrie

Vengeance is forged from the flames of death. From the tears of suffering and pain. From the anger that remains when everything that was known, is gone. Fire rages eternal in the soul of this woman. The Valkyrie. Her village destroyed. Burned. Scorched. Her life ripped from the world. Metal and magic tore her flesh from her bones. What remained of her, was burned in the pits of hell. Now from the ash and decay, she is born anew. A warrior. A weapon. She will have her revenge on the conquerers. The Astral Knights who now rule her world. She will have blood. She will feast on the lives of the oppressors. Return the night to a world filled with hatred and subjugation. Her quest is simple. Her vision is clear. Her strength, unwavering. She shall face the Knights. She shall kill all who oppose her. No judgement. No words. Only death will cleanse her soul.