File 13

File 13 is a full-color, semi-monthly (on sale every six weeks) series about Scott Solson's high tech, high adventure "hero's journey" (with a healthy dose of absurdist humor thrown in). The stories draw on equal parts classic superhero storytelling, pop culture references, high drama, science fiction, and historic events that are stranger than fiction. The story arcs are typically two to three issues long, reminiscent of the great comics of the 1980s, though there is a larger, evolving mythology underlying the whole story. The earliest roots of File 13 are set in 1925 when Scott's great-grandfather discovers something lost for centuries. With the knowledge he gains, he forms the company that becomes SolTech. From that seed the super-powered universe grows, encompassing the past, present, and future. At the start of the story in 2015, super-powered beings haven't been seen in the world for over 25 years. Their numbers dwindled from a peak in the 1960s until all but disappearing in the mid-1980s. That changes, though, with the events triggered in File 13 #1. It is the dawn of a new age--a new era of greatness begins!