Faraway Places

DISCLAIMER: graphic sexuality
10-Page Preview! "Do you think it's possible to fall in love with someone you've never met?" This is the question Toru Kanda finds himself faced with when he discovers his blossoming feelings for his pen pal correspondent, Takeshi Sagawa. Three years ago, Toru threw away everything for his dream of becoming a writer and moved to Tokyo, where, through letters, Takeshi became his sole support. Toru soon realizes that his feelings for Takeshi are more than just admiration. But when Toru and Takeshi finally meet, Toru is in for the surprise of his life - his long-time pen pal is... a Yakuza?! Join Toru and Takeshi as they discover the answer to their question in this sweet tale of a long-distance romance between the most unlikely pair! Translated by Steven LeCroy Edited by Anna Schnell Lettered by Lee Patterson.