Espresso Detective Comic

ESPRESSO DETECTIVE COMIC #1 - THE MEXICAN P.I. - This comic is a high octane, cafe racer, espresso shot with a lightning bolt chaser of a ride. If you have a taste for noir crime/supernatural fiction, here's what's on THE MENU: MAIN COURSE: - A full serving of hot, deep fried, two-fisted, anti-hero, rescue-complex, Casanova action! SIDES: - Of white-knuckle, roller coaster rush of real world horror, muscle-bound heroics. - Self-deprecating humor, hot cars, cool café racer bikes, beautiful empowered women and Blues music! FOR DESSERT: - Metaphysical super powers, separate realities, heartbreak, and good old fashioned fun, a la mode. Pack all that down with an espresso shot of stereotype busting with a lemon zest twist! "Literature has a new Great Latin Lover... and he's a Dick."