Erik Shein's Monsterjunkies

In a small New England town called Foggy Point -- at 1313 Road to Nowhere -- secluded behind massive stonewalls, lies the Gothic Mansion -- Shadowmere. A home to a most usual family and the menagerie of protected, strange, exotic and 'non-existing' legendary creatures called the Monsterjunkies. Follow the adventure as teenagers Crow and Indigo are confronted with harsh "bullying" from their high school peers for being "different." Simply because of their "odd" personal "Goth" style and their strange funny name. But mostly because of the secrecy that lurks behind the wrought iron gates of the Shadowmere. This "secrecy" evokes an imagined fear from the Foggy Point community that allows for an atmosphere of distrust to flourish that sets the stage for the hurtful behavior brought to bear by the entire Monsterjunkie Family. With the guidance of their parents Talon, an accomplished cryptozoologist and Pandora, an extraordinary botanist, who's slightly mystical, they overcome the town's harassment and eventually the Monsterjunkies throw open the gates to Shadowmere and reveal their private sanctuary of unusual creatures. To everyone's surprise, once the secret is exposed, the fear disappears and the acceptance of the family's "unique" individuality begins to grow.

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