Awano debuted professionally in video game to comic adaptations such as Megaman and Street Fighter. Her most famous work would be the more than 850 pages of Holy Avenger.

Awano is the granddaughter of Japanese immigrants and the most famous Mangaka (manga artist) in Brazil. She has won the HQ-Mix and Angelo Agostini prizes (the most important ones for comics in Brazil) and is a Bachelor of Literature from São Paulo University. She was the only woman invited to take part of the commemorative album Menino Maluquinho 25th Anniversary, a well-known title in Brazil published by Globo Publishing, along other established artists such as Mauricio de Sousa, Laílson, Daniel Azulay, Miguel Paiva, among others.

In 2008, both Awano and Cassaro were certified as finalists of the 1st International Manga Contest by Taro Aso, the Japanese Foreign Relations Minister. They were the first Brazilians to receive the certification, and Holy Avenger was the first Brazilian Comic to be recognized as Manga by the Japanese Government.

In 2009, Awano was part of MSP 50, a commemorative album for Mauricio de Sousa, representing Manga artists. She's part of the Tormenta RPG team of illustrators and currently works for the American market in titles such as Warcraft Legends and The Complete Alice in Wonderland.