Enforcer, Vol. 1: Tough Luck

"Enforcer: Tough Luck" is the story of a crew of criminals operating in a modern-but-timeless world inhabited by creatures of myth and legend, featuring dark humor and unique takes on the tropes of both fantasy and noir. Think of it as "Ocean's Eleven" or "Boondock Saints" in a city where Cthulhu runs the syndicate instead of Al Capone; where ancient grudges between supernatural forces are settled on the streets by gangs wielding magic and machine guns; boomsticks and broomsticks. Meridian is a modern metropolis built atop the ruins of an ancient civilization, from which magic flows and horrible threats emerge. Bobby Callahan is a thug blessed with uncanny luck in a fight. He's been using this gift to do the Irish mob's dirty work for years, but he's looking to get out. After all, there's no retirement plan for henchmen, other than a bullet. That golden opportunity arises in the form of a lucrative heist of an ancient artifact coveted by city's fearsome crime boss, The Underlord. When it all goes wrong, Callahan and his crew, The Lucky Bastards, will face the true depths of evil in this city ― and learn the price of standing against it.