Emily Kaplan as an infant, used to stay up all night and tell herself jokes, and then laugh at them quietly to herself. When she was able to hold a crayon, she drew in all her books and all over the walls. When she couldn't think of anything to draw, just drew Xs over everything. Not much has changed, really. When she was in third grade, her teacher told her parents, "Emily is a talented artist, but you shouldn't encourage her; she'll never make any money at it," which her tax accountant will tell you is not technically true. She went on to drop out of one of the finest art schools in the country, and currently resides in Minneapolis. When she isn't busy making poor life choices or doing laundry she paints, animates, and makes weird things that people buy for some misguided reasons known only to themselves. Contrary to popular belief, she only has one cat.
This is the first collection of her paintings published.