Ellen's Adventures at The Shadowland

Ellen's Adventures at The Shadowland debuted in 2012 in upstate New York's Shawangunk Journal Newspaper (formerly The Ellenville Journal.) Creator R. Robert Pollak draws the weekly seasonal comic strip in a style reminiscent of the classic newspaper comic strips of yesteryear. The main character, Ellen Allen, is an actress at the local Shadowland Theatre in Ellenville, NY. Ellen's charm is always finding herself in precarious situations with a group of over-the-top characters, from aliens, gnomes and ghosts, to old movie stars. All of the storylines and settings are inspired by the rich history and picturesque locations in the Hudson Valley area. Some of the tongue-in-cheek cast of characters include, Gloria Swansong, Dolores del Mio and her pal, Hal. Over the years, the quirky comic strip has developed a cult following online with fans all over the globe.

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