Eagle in the Snow - The Graphic Novel (Issue 1), Vol. 1

"Eagle in the Snow - The Graphic Novel" is based on a screenplay by Douglas Noel Smith and Mattie Quesenberry Smith adapted from the historical novel "Eagle in the Snow" by Wallace Breem. The story revolves around the Roman general Aquila in Britannia and Germania between the late 4th century and the early 5th century. During the waning days of the Roman Empire, Aquila and his friend Quintus have been defending Hadrian's Wall against the Picts and other tribes. When the news breaks of an impending Germanic invasion across the Rhine River, Aquila is promoted to General of the West and posted at Moguntiacum (modern-day Mainz in Germany) with the mission to defend the entire 820-mile border between Gaul and Germania with just one legion of soldiers. As Aquila carries out his duties on the border, tension develops between he and the bureaucracy in the Roman Empire as every request that could assist his defensive campaign is denied. Aquila also finds himself under the growing pressures from his allies, including his former enemies, who want him to take the Western Emperorship for himself. Aquila will accept the purple robe of emperor if his outnumbered legion can deliver a crucial victory against insurmountable odds. The very fate of Rome hangs in the balance.

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