ECOS, Vol. 1

"My father, my hero, he promised he'd never leave me but the Kingdom, War, took him away from me and now I only have the echo his memory." Once upon a time... There was a mighty warrior. A hero of millions and General of the great army of the Kingdom of Irinoi. With the aid of his hammer, Makinui, he defended the Kingdom, it's people and his son. But one day tragedy struck, a hero fell and the legend was tarnished. Years passed and now, Jonah, the general's son is on a quest to seek justice with the aid of his friends and his guardian, a big warrior-ape that only he can summon. Together they embark on the adventure of a lifetime to clear Jonah's father legacy. Written by Roberto Cruz (Tears from Heaven, DC Comics JLA 80-Page Giant 2011) Drawn by Francisco Javier Rodriguez ECOS created by Roberto Cruz and Francisco Javier Rodriguez. Published by Da'MaRoJo Studios.