I'm an artist, designer, and sometime writer who believes that art has the power to reengineer how we engage and exist in the physical world and that we can create the life we want to live.

After several years spent developing aberrant concepts to support the wants of individual collectors and the needs of entertainment-oriented projects, I've decided to dismantle the barriers I positioned around my earlier efforts in order to pursue a very different trajectory. Today, I dream bigger, bolder, and with an eye toward a future that's as dark and barbarous as it is electric and decadent. I'm committed to putting the teeth into the 21st century one well-honed fang at a time.

From a private studio secreted away in the northern corridor of the Atlanta Sprawl, I produce one-of-a-kind works that blur the line between the sensuous and the grotesque. I draw heavily from interests in biomechanical design, genetic hacking, lucid dreaming and dream incubation, mythic studies, and alt fashion, as well as a predilection for underground culture, dystopian tales, cult cinema, and all things born from a love of Halloween.

My projects can be viewed firsthand at various gallery exhibitions across the country and at local and national events throughout the year.