Dragon's Bride

In a time long gone, even before spoken language, Noble Island had been devastated by human invaders. At that time, the frightened animals asked for the help of the Wild Siblings, two great deities that look after nature's creatures. These are the Proud Maiden, the kind goddess of plans and animals, and the Indomitable One, the cruel god of beasts and monsters.
Humans were then extinguished from the island in six days, but the suffering of the animals could not be so easily erased. Some of them asked the gods to become human as well. They asked for hands, to walk on two legs, to be able to use words and build cities.
Reluctantly, their wishes were granted. Nowadays, the Kingdoms of Moreania are home to a civilization know by other humans as the Moreau. Many of them share certain features with mythical creatures, but are, however, under most aspects, completely normal people.
One of the most awaited holidays in Moreania is the Spring Festival. It consists of a whole week of tournaments and games, at the same time when all the cities' marriages are held.
Our story begins in the Kingdom of Brando, somewhere near the Ivory Mountains. It is a dangerous region, plagued by orcs, ogres and other humanoid monsters.
The Spring Festival starts in two weeks.
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February 1 2017

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