Over a 25 year career, Canadian writer, illustrator, designer, letterer, editor, and publisher Dominic Bercier has run the gamut in the world of comics, illustration, print, design, and publishing.

"Like so many aspiring cartoonists, I grew up imitating the likes of Neal Adams and Jim Lee, as well as Anime/Manga like Akira and Ninja Scroll. That said, I always wanted to bring 'high art' to the comic book scene in a big way," recalls Bercier. "When I discovered Moebius and Dave McKean, I began to wonder if I really had to choose between all of these extremes. See, I wanted to offer the best of each of these approaches to sequential storytelling, so I set off on a journey to combine my various influences into a cohesive style. After three decades of artistic exploration, I've achieved what I set out to accomplish with my comics."

Having worked on thousands of published comic book and graphic novel pages, in addition to illustrations and designs in the communication arts, Bercier quickly earned a reputation for being malleable and versatile. In the eyes of 'Mouse Guard' creator David Petersen, Bercier is worthy of the nickname 'chameleon' due to his ability to illustrate each script on its own terms, thus making his work fresh and unique for each project.

Classically trained as an artist in high school, winning the 1994 Visual Arts Medal and 1996 Artistic Excellence Scholarship [De La Salle HS for the Arts, Ottawa] and college [Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, Honorable Mention 1996 Entry Scholarship], Bercier shied away from early opportunities in mainstream American comics, turning down job offers and leaving assistant penciller positions to pursue the creator-owned stories he began publishing through his own press, Mirror Comics, in 2010.
Bercier notes, "I experiment quite a bit with my style, but those who know my work intimately have remarked that there is a common thread throughout : a love of black and white art and crosshatching, and an equal love for seeker mythology bordering on the shamanic."

Discover more about this creator at www.dominicbercier.com and learn about his publishing project at www.mirrorcomics.com . Follow @DominicBercier and @mirrorcomics on Twitter.