Domeinion #1

A Threat From Within
2365 Greater Manchester is a very different place. More accurately, it is two very different places. The first is a thriving, prosperous metropolis that still stands on the same foundations it always has. The second, an almost identical replica situated almost two miles under those foundations. The underground home built for the most affluent and well off the planet has to offer so they might live out a world ending disaster of their own making that never came to pass. Now, a vicious and bloody war rages between the people of the surface and those who dwell beneath.

While fighting rages on the surface, disturbing events transpire below that will have reproductions for both sides.

Nathan Fullar, famed detective of UGC 12 (Underground Ground City 12) Police Department, has overcome many challenges during his time on the force, all of which have gone to make him the man he is today. Always the willing student and stickler for the rules, in recent years Nathan has found himself becoming increasingly disillusioned with the job, the war and his overall place in the world. He has even begun speaking like a surface dweller.

Now, this beloved husband, father, friend and partner will take on his toughest case yet. But nothing is as it seems. And nothing will be the same again...
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Rob Jones

Crime Horror Science Fiction
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43 Pages

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December 21 2016

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15+ Only

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