The universe of Doiditos is a reinterpretation of classic cartoon cat and mouse (as Tom and Jerry, Speedy Gonzales, herman & catnip etc..) And inspired by the creativity of Slapstick Comedies of silent movie days. There are no dialogues. The language is visual; the characters use sign language, thought bubbles and can laugh at most, use interjections, (ouch! Ouch!) Or onomatopoeic sounds, to strengthen communication, but can never speak. With this premise are their stories understandable to children of any age (but the target is for 4 - 7 years old). The stories revolve around three characters: Maddog, Madcat and Mamouse . Madcat and Madmouse while acting as a cat and mouse, are friends. The real clash is between the Maddog representing imagination, Madcat what is rational and Madmouse what is dream. For Maddog all that imagination can conceive, you can perform. It is based on the central theme of the stories. As always when then cat chases mouse, the dog intervenes in history bringing some element of absurdity that detracts from the pursuit and introduces situations nonsense humor.