Do Well Camp, Vol. 1: Part 1 (of 2)

From Max Bemis (Moon Knight, Worst X-Men Ever, Polarity) and talented newcomer Maxim Mel comes a two-part graphic novel rife with insanity, dark humor, and pretty drawings of demons. When a group of young boys awaken in an abandoned Jewish summer camp, they find themselves held captive by the fugitive and would-be messiah Theodore Brush, a formerly indie-famous rock star on the run from the police. Brush stages a bizarre "Do Well Camp" of his own design in an attempt to teach the boys how to become proud, powerful Jewish men. Unfortunately, Theo's methods include the ingestion of hallucinogenic hash-browns, demonic invocations and attempts to awaken dormant "powers" in the boys. DO WELL CAMP is trippy glimpse into the mind of its creators as they dealt with manic episodes, attempted brain-washings, and life in Putin's Russia. It's a foul, funny exploration of such themes as homophobia, the self-loathing Jew, and the lie of "becoming a man". Welcome to DO WELL CAMP. It's all sorts of wrong here.... and you might like it.

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