Diskordia Vol. 1: Feels Like Falling

This volume collects the first 9 issues of the critically acclaimed cult favorite Diskordia.
Feels Like Falling introduces readers to the surreal and bizarrely captivating world of Diskordia, A place where thought, dream and reality are interchangeable concepts; where the rich and powerful buy and sell emotions and minds like stock; where just beneath the surface of our consciousness lie terrible and fantastic beings who could destroy the world utterly if they were to ever emerge from its depths.
Exploring the vastness of this psychedelic everscape is sardonic youth Jackal Black; a man who is abruptly ripped from his unfulfilling existence and exposed to the true nature of the world he thought he knew. Now Jackal must decide his place in it all lest he remain a helpless leaf blowing in the winds of chaos. Hero or villain, victim or victimizer, Conqueror or crushed insect, the nature of his very identity is up to him.

"Overflowing with ideas and a heavy feeling of fantasy to it, it brings a more thought provoking sense to its storytelling... Complex and involving," -Comics Anonymous

"If you like really cool and really dark comics then you are definitely going to want to check out Diskordia" -Ghost Volta

"If you're a fan of quirky adult series like Image's Saga or Japanese animation then you'll love this" -Impulsive reactions
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Action/Adventure Comedy Fantasy Gore Horror Mature
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March 11 2015

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